Nathalie Anne



My story began in 2015. 


It was a very difficult and life-changing year for me. Almost everyone in my family had been diagnosed with some sort of disease or illness. My mother has Multiple Sclerosis, my father and grandmother have Lymphoma cancer, my grandfather has alzheimers and diabetes and unfortunately the list goes on. 


As I became aware of all of these diseases, I thought to myself; why wait to have an illness, to change my lifestyle and make healthier choices? 

I watched my mother and grandmother undertake natural approaches to fight their diseases. I become fascinated by the health and wellness industry, particularly in holistic nutrition.

With all of the information I had learnt,  I first decided to quit sugar completely for 8 weeks to see what would happen. When I say I quit sugar I don’t just mean I stopped eating cakes and lollies, I didn’t consume 1g of sugar- no fruit, no white carbohydrates, not even tomatoes or balsamic vinegar. 

In those extremely difficult 8 weeks I lost 10kgs and I had never felt better in my entire life, not only physically but also mentally. Ever since then I became obsessed with creating healthy recipes that I could share with my loved ones, knowing that they were not aggravating their illnesses. 

I ended up enrolling in AFPA’s Holistic Nutritionist Certification Program and absolutely loved it. I learnt how to coach clients seeking to not only prevent but also reverse chronic diseases as well as how to gain optimal health through natural approaches. 

I have created Nathalie Anne as a health and wellness brand which focuses on holistic nutrition counseling. It is also a platform enriched with healthy, nutritionally dense recipes and educational blog posts. I hope that my website is able to guide you and provide you with the tools to become the best and healthiest version of yourself. 

Nathalie Anne